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High pressure Hydraulic hose fitting installation precautions

High pressure Hydraulic hose fitting installation precautions
(1) The hydraulic hose must not bend excessively when it is moving or at rest, nor can it bend at its root, and it must begin to bend at least 1.5 times its diameter.
(2) The Hydraulic hose must not be pulled too tightly when it is moved to an extreme position and should be relatively loose;
(3) Try to avoid the torsional deformation of the hydraulic hose;
(4) As far as possible from the heat radiation components hose, the necessary fashion insulation board;
(5) External damage to the hydraulic hose should be avoided, such as long-term friction on the surface of the same component during use;
(6) If excessive deformation occurs due to the weight of the hydraulic hose, there shall be support pieces.
Prevention of leaks at fittings

In the hydraulic system, there is a problem that it is easy to generate a leak whether it is a metal hose joint or a hose joint. For the card-type hose joints, most of them are subjected to large external forces or impact forces, causing the looseness of the ferrule or the deformation of the hose end surface to cause leakage. At this time, check whether the ferrule is out of round, whether there is a defect in the cutting edge, and whether the hose end is defective. The integrity and the degree of clamping of the clamping nut, etc., while also eliminating the external force of the pipe. For flared hose fittings, due to excessive flares, unsatisfactory quality or multiple dismantling, resulting in flaring deformation or cracks, etc., leakage can occur. At this time, the front end can be cut off and re-expanded. If the male and female cone top pressure is used for sealing, the leakage is mostly due to damage on the two taper surfaces, and the conical surface can be ground by using abrasive sand. In some cases where the "о" ring is sealed against the end face or outer diameter, the leakage causes are as follows: "о" rings age or deform to cause leakage; "о" ring assembly is not in place, making two plane connections When the pressure is uneven or "о"-shaped ring is cut to cause leakage; "о"-shaped ring is not compacted, resulting in insufficient elastic deformation and leakage; "о"-shaped ring stop groove is too deep and causes leakage. In this regard, it is necessary to reselect the "O" ring with the same outer diameter and a thicker section, or the sealing plane with the notch groove can be cut or ground to reduce the depth of the stop groove, so that "о" The ring has sufficient elastic deformation (the compression should generally be between 0.35-0.65mm). For leaks at pipe joints using oil-resistant rubber sheets, wool felts, soft steel sheets, combined gaskets or sealants, no matter what the material is, first check whether the seals are damaged, deformed, aged, and the roughness is too large , and then take appropriate measures.

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