Classification of hydraulic hose

Classification of hydraulic hose
Classification of hydraulic hose as below:
1.Steel wire braid Hydraulic hose (SAE 100R1At-DIN EN 853 1SNSAE 100R2At-DIN EN 853 2SN, DIN EN 857 1SCDIN EN 857 2SCSAE 100R16 ,SAE 100R17SAE J517R5);
2.Steel wire spiral hydraulic hose (DIN EN 856 4SPDIN EN 856 4SHSAE 100R9SAE 100R13SAE 100R12SAE 100R15);
3.Textile reinforced hose (SAE 100R3/EN 854 R3SAE 100R6/EN 854 R6EN 854 2TEEN 854 3TE);

4.Thermoplastic hose(SAE 100R7/EN 855 R7SAE 100R8/EN 855 R8);

5.Teflon hose (Smooth broe Teflon hose SAE 100R14,convoluted Teflon hose/PTFE Teflon hose SAE 100R14).
The wire braid hose structure is composed of a liquid-resistant synthetic rubber inner rubber layer, a middle rubber layer, a braided reinforcement layer of I or II or III steel wire, and a synthetic rubber cover layer with excellent weather resistance.

Steel wire winding hose, inner rubber layer, inner rubber protective layer, middle rubber layer, steel wire wound layer and outer rubber layer. Steel wire winding drilling hoses are used in oilfield cementing, workover and petroleum geology exploration, small drilling rigs and hydraulic mining, conveying mud and normal temperature water and other fluid media.

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