Hydraulic hose Security elements

We all know that the application environment of high pressure hydraulic hoses is usually oil exploration, mining, metallurgy, forging and other bad and high strength industries. So even if you use even the best steel wire braided high pressure hydraulic hose material in such an environment, if you do not pay attention to the safety value of the material is not properly handled, it is prone to accidents.
Before we mentioned the risk factors of high pressure hydraulic hoses, we now go through other aspects to talk about the four safety factors of high pressure hoses. Let's talk about the content of the four major security elements in the use of high pressure Hydraulic hoses.
High pressure hydraulic hose
1) The specified working pressure of the pressure hose is not less than the maximum system pressure, and the normal oil drilling high pressure hose can only be used under very few conditions. He only allowed a 20% increase; Frequent use of bending twists decreased by 40%. The impact pressure of the system is higher than the working pressure of the specified metal hose, which not only reduces the service life, but also causes the hydraulic hose to cause personal equipment accidents.
2) temperature, fluid temperature and ambient temperature, both stable and transient, the hose must not exceed the limit temperature of the heat-resistant recommended temperature is higher or lower than the hose, the hose can reduce performance, resulting in hose damage, resulting in leakage.
3) Fluid compatibility: The fluid in the hose should conform to the “use” rule of the product sample, and the product characteristics of the high-pressure steel wire braided hose should guarantee the management and safety of life in the specified use.

4) Appropriate connection: Because nut connection is convenient and cost is low, it is widely used. If the vibration is greater under permissible conditions, the problem of tightness of the nut should be fully considered. Flange connection is required.


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