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Rubber oxygen hose and acetylene hose

Rubber oxygen hose and acetylene hose
Now we introduce the oxygen hose and acetylene hose from SUNHOSE.
Inner rubber of acetylene hose and oxygen hose is black synthetic rubber smooth.
Reinforcement layer High strength polyester fiber braid
The outer rubber is red or other colored synthetic rubber. 
The acetylene hose is red, which is convenient for distinguishing the oxygen hose. 
The oxygen hose is blue. Oxygen and acetylene hoses can not be mixed. They all have to wear resistance and weather resistance and have good flexing performance.
Generally, it is widely used in conveying gas, liquid fuel, oxygen-acetylene gas, and equipment hoses for welding and cutting.
The normal working pressure is 10-20 BAR, and the bursting pressure is 3 times of working pressure.

Temperature range: 35°C To +90°C (-31°F To +194°F).


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