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High pressure hydraulic hose connector withholding parameters

When the high pressure hydraulic hose is buckled, the rubber layer and the steel wire should be embedded in the annular groove cut in the inner wall of the joint and the outer cylindrical surface of the core, and the elasticity should be suitable. Too tight will deform the inner hole of the connector core, and press the hose buckle to hurt, too loose. When the hydraulic hose is under pressure, the connector will be pulled out of the high pressure hydraulic hose and the connector buckle. It is necessary to grasp the compression ratio of the high pressure hydraulic hose. The buckle amount of the joint jacket is calculated according to the change of the inner diameter of the high pressure hydraulic hose and the outer diameter of the high pressure hydraulic hose wire layer and the compression ratio of the high pressure hydraulic hose to ensure that the joint and the hydraulic hose are firmly pressed. The diameter calculation formula after the joint jacket is buckled is D:
D=(d1-d2)+[D0-(D2-D1)]-E(D1-d2-A)( m m )
Type - the diameter after the joint and hose buckle;
D0 outer diameter of a jacket;
D2- coat diameter
D1 outer diameter of a steel wire,
D1 Coupling core outer diameter
D2 a hose inner diameter'
A wire layer thickness'

E is a compression ratio. E value: 1 layer 0.4-0. 243 layer 0.43-0.46, 3 layer 0.46-0.50. 4 layer 0.55-0.60


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