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High pressure hydraulic hose maintenance

High pressure hydraulic rubber hose belongs to rubber products. Please pay attention to the following points during use:
1. Long-term use of high pressure hydraulic hose should be checked regularly. (The degree of skin wear and aging, the degree of joint wear, it is recommended to check once a week).
2. The surface of the high pressure hydraulic hose is cleaned. (Daily cleaning the surface of the hose production material to keep clean. Focus on the removal of corrosive materials on the hydraulic hose surface)
3. Protective bushings are used when the hydraulic hose is often in contact with abrasive surfaces. Reduce the friction coefficient to prevent aging and increase service life.
4. Used hoses that need to be removed when the hydraulic hose is not in use for a long time. Into the media closed storage.
5. Do not leave the hydrauli hose outdoors when storing the hydraulic hose. Avoid ageing and contamination of hydraulic hoses due to sunlight and other factors.

6. High pressure hydraulic hoses are not recommended for repair. Discover hidden dangers and replace them immediately. Avoid accidents and personal injury.


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