​Steel wire braided hydraulic hose SAE100 R5

Steel wire braided hydraulic hose SAE100 R5

• Medium and low-pressure hydraulic lines, general purpose, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), natural gas CNG
• Mineral oil, rapeseed oil and rapeseed oil, glycol and polyethylene glycol base oil, synthetic ester base oil, emulsified oil, water, diesel

Hydraulic hose SAE100 R5 rubber hose,  the outer braided layer of cotton thread is abrasion-resistant, anti-aging, no need for needle punching, and no bubbles. General liquefied gas pipes and liquid ammonia pipes use this structural layer or high-temperature heat-resistant oil hose This structure can avoid the foaming of the pipe body, and it is safer to operate. The inner layer is resistant to oil or heat, corrosion, and the middle steel wire is woven. The steel wire is 0.3, the steel wire with a tensile strength of 2750, and the outer rubber is resistant to aging and ozone, UV resistant.


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