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What is an oil rubber hose

Oil Rubber hose is an oil-resistant rubber hose, using neoprene, nitrile rubber; acid and alkali resistance, high-temperature resistance.

According to the working pressure, it is divided into low, medium, and high pressure. Low pressure: below 2Mpa; medium pressure: 2Mpa- 7Mpa; high-pressure low pressure: 7Mpa-32Mpa; ultra-high-pressure: above 32Mpa.

Our low-pressure hoses are suitable for transporting gasoline, kerosene, diesel, engine oil, lubricants, or other mineral oils in industrial and mining machinery, oil depots, and docks at room temperature. Temperature range:-20 °C to + 70 °C .There are one layer and two layers reinforced. The working pressure is 20KG.

A high-pressure oil hose is a part of the high-pressure oil circuit, which requires the oil hose to bear a certain oil pressure and have a certain fatigue strength to ensure the sealing requirements of the pipeline. The vehicle's high-pressure oil pipe mainly appears in the diesel engine with high-pressure injection and the direct injection gasoline engine with high-pressure injection. It can withstand the oil pressure needed during the operation of the engine. General hydraulic oil fluid with high-pressure tubing. The high-pressure tubing is composed of steel wire winding skeleton layer, internal and external oil-resistant rubber, corrosion-resistant synthetic rubber, and weathering-resistant special rubber. Mainly used for excavators, loaders, rollover, hydraulic power, hydraulic support, cement pipe, agricultural irrigation hose, construction machinery hydraulic tubing, submarine natural gas transportation, oil transportation.

The selection of hose must be based on the required environment and requirements, otherwise, there will be problems.

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