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What to pay attention to when using a Rubber air hose pipe

Check whether the use conditions of the rubber air hose pipe meet the requirements of the selected hose, and determine the working pressure. Sudden changes in pressure or pressure peaks exceeding the maximum allowed will greatly shorten the life of the rubber hose.

1. When installing the rubber air tube so that its bending radius is less than the minimum value specified, the service life of the rubber air hose will be greatly shortened.

2. After use, it is recommended that you empty the house. If necessary, it should be cleaned. The rubber air hose pipe must be inspected after each use to ensure that it is not structurally damaged.

3. The storage of rubber air hoses pipe must avoid mechanical pressure, including excessive stretching, compression, or deformation, and avoid contact with sharp or pointed objects. The rubber air hose is preferably stored on a suitable holder or placed on dry ground. The rubber air hose pipe packaged in coils must be stored horizontally, and the rubber air hose pipe should not be stacked.

4. The rubber air hose pipe must not come into contact with solvents, fuels, oils, greases, unstable chemicals, acids, disinfectants, or general organic liquids. Must not be stored in heat source accessories

5. The rubber air hose pipe should be properly packed or stored in a closed container to prevent it from being exposed to the air. Do not place equipment that easily releases ozone in the storage room. Ozone has a particularly strong impact on all rubber products.

6. The storage room should avoid any situation that may generate electric or magnetic fields, including exposure to high-voltage cables or high-frequency generators.


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