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PTFE heat shrinkable hose

PTFE heat shrinkable hose
Teflon (sleeve) hose is a special pipe made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) material after extrusion and sintering, drying, high-temperature sintering, and shaping.
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) heat shrinkable hose has the characteristics of heat shrinkage: due to the surface, it can be tightly wrapped on the appearance of other workpieces, so that the workpiece has corrosion resistance and anti-stationary properties. This kind of heat shrinkable tube is widely used Used in chemical, printing, electrical and mechanical industries.

The product is generally a hose with a length of 1m, which is thermally shrunk at a temperature greater than 330°C to coat the surface of the workpiece. The main performance is that the maximum shrinkage rate is 75%, the relative elongation rate is about 250%, the relative density is about 2.2, and the tensile strength is 20-40MPa.
PTFE heat shrinkable tube is made of emulsion polymerization PTFE. The principle is that PTFE produces forced high elastic deformation after being stressed during processing. This deformation is reversible. The forced high elastic deformation caused by heat and freezing will gradually disappear and recover. To the original state.
In the production operation, the resin and the extrusion aid are mixed slowly in a general mixer according to the formula ratio. The temperature should not be high. After the mixing is uniform, place it in a closed container at a temperature of about 30C for 24 hours. So that the extrusion aid can fully penetrate the resin powder The inside of the granule. The pre-forming of the mixture can discharge the gas in the mixture to avoid the generation of bubbles during the pressing and molding, and at the same time, it can reduce the volume of the mixture to increase the amount of each feed. The preforming pressure is 0.98~2.94MPa.

Heat treatment is to sinter the dried and sintered tube again at high temperature and then quench it. The heat-treated tube is called a tube blank and is used for inflation.

The inflation is carried out in an inflation furnace. The two ends of the tube blank are closed, heated to about 310C, and filled with compressed gas. The inflation pressure is generally below 0.98MPa, and the inflation rate is 200% to 400%, that is, the inner diameter of the tube blank is enlarged by 1 to 3 times. The semi-transparent PTFE inflation tube is obtained by quenching under the state of maintaining the internal pressure, which has thermal shrinkage characteristics, so it is called a heat-shrinkable hose.


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