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Rubber composite bellows hose

The special processing method of the thin belt around sintering made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) can manufacture composite pipelined with PTFE, which is suitable for the transportation of high temperatures and corrosive fluid. This item introduces the composite bellows hose with rubber, which has the characteristics of easy bending and easy to move.
The raw materials are as follows

1 PTFE turning thin belt sold on the market, the thickness of the belt is 0. 5%. 1 mm, 35 mm wide, clean, pollution-free. 

2 rubber hose, such as nitrile rubber hoses.

3JQ-1 polysome gum (commonly known as Lexner gum).

The production process is completed in the following main steps.

(1) Winding and sintering of PTFE inner hose

First, the PTFE turning thin belt is wound on the same metal circle as the inner diameter of the hose (as the internal die). The 1 / 2 lap is used to wrap the 12 × 14 layers. Then use a width of 50 mm and a thickness of 0. 1~0.15mm 's alkali-free glass fiber cloth is also wound around 4 × 5 layers. When PTFE is 327℃, the volume expansion rate is about 25%, which is controlled at 380℃, and the melt sintering is tightly bonded with the glass cloth.

(2) blowing PTFE bellows

The PTFE inner tube is placed in the corrugated molding die, and the compressed air of 0.1MPa gauge pressure is filled into the tube in the 280290C range. The inner tube of PTFE is blown and attached to the inner surface of the corrugated molding die. After the heat preservation curve, 29 is about 30min, it is quenched and cooled to about 60℃, exhaust, and demoulding.

(3) Surface treatment of PTFE bellows

The surface of the bellows was cleaned with acetone, then treated with sodium Naphthalene complex solution for 10 min, washed with 90℃ hot water, and then coated with Lenna glue after drying.

(4) Composite with a rubber hose

In the composite die, the rubber is vulcanized and composite under the condition of heating and pressing.

The tensile strength (MPa): longitudinal / transverse = 31.5 ≤ 16.7 and extension (%): longitudinal / transverse = 320 ≤ 180.


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