What is Rubber ?

Rubber is a kind of high elastic polymer material with reversible deformation, which is elastic at room temperature, can produce large deformation under the action of very small external force, and can restore to the original state after removing the external force. Rubber belongs to completely amorphous polymer, its glass transition temperature (Tg) is low, molecular weight is often very large, more than hundreds of thousands.

Rubber is divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is made by extracting colloids from the rubber trees, rubber grass, and other plants, while synthetic rubber is obtained by polymerization of various monomers. Rubber products are widely used in industry or life. Rubber processing includes plastic, mixing, calendar or extrusion, molding and vulcanization, and other basic processes, each process has different requirements for the product, with a number of auxiliary operations. In order to add all kinds of necessary compounding agents into rubber, raw rubber should first be molded to improve its plasticity, and then carbon black and various rubber auxiliaries should be evenly mixed with rubber to form a rubber compound by mixing carbon black and various rubber auxiliaries. The compound is pressed out to make a certain shape billet: then it is combined with the textile material (or metal material) after calendar or glue) to form a semi-finished product: finally, the plastic semi-finished product is made into a highly elastic final product. Nitrile rubber is a kind of polymer formed by emulsion polymerization of industrial diene and acrylic nitrile. Nitrile rubber is second only to hydrophobic rubber, acrylic rubber, and fluorine rubber because of its excellent oil resistance. In addition, nitrile rubber also has good wear resistance, aging resistance, and tightness, but Ordoxic resistance, electrical insulation, and cold resistance are poor, but electrical conductivity is better. Therefore, it is widely used in the rubber industry. The use of nitrile rubber is mainly used in oil-resistant products. Others are used as a PVC modifier and combined with PVC to make flame retardant products, and phenol wakes up to be used as a structural adhesive, to make antistatic rubber products, and so on. Our company's rubber hoses are made of synthetic rubber, its comprehensive properties and chemical stability are good. It has good wear resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, tensile resistance, tear-resistance, and compression properties.


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