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Pay attention to the Fuel dispenser pump hose

In the use of should pay attention to the regular maintenance of refueling equipment. Due to the high frequency of use of filling equipment, regular maintenance and maintenance are required to ensure the safe and efficient completion of tasks while in use.

Fuel dispenser pump hose belongs to industrial consumables. We want it to be properly used and maintained to extend its service life. There are some suggestions on how to purchase the right fuel dispenser pump hose:

The first thing to note is that you can't replace the Fuel dispenser pump hose with a smooth hydraulic oil hose. The outer diameter of the oil pump hose of the tanker is larger than the hydraulic hose, and the static conductivity and oil resistance of the hydraulic hose can not meet the requirements of the refueling equipment.

Second, a portion of the sample can not be put directly into gasoline for testing. Gasoline can seep into the hose from the cross-section, damaging the hose.

We can control the amount of refueling by observing the data displayed on the refueling equipment. Need to remind is, if it is an automatic tanker, then do not set it to the maximum amount of fuel, easy to overflow. It's also not safe to use. Generally speaking, up to 90% of the total can meet the demand, there is no waste, and good security.

If you need to replace the fuel dispenser pump hose, you can contact us and tell us your requirements, we will do our best to meet all your needs.


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